NKOTB v 98 Degrees, et al - The Smackdown

by Suniverse

Every era has its boy bands. Those bubblegum boys who have the awesome dance moves and ability to sing at the same time, mostly on key.  Sure, they aren't the musical equivalent of, say, Sufjan Stevens [is he cool still?  Who is cool now?], but they are poppy and peppy. There is, however, a heirarchy. At the top?  New Kids on the Block.  NKOTB rules, other boy bands drool. Don't believe me?  Check it:

Catchy tunes.  From Step by Step to Hangin' Tough, NKTOB spit out some dope rhymes.  Or crooned some swinging tunes.  Or just sang some songs that I still probably know all the words to.  Unlike, say, 98 Degrees, which I believe was a boy band, but could not tell you anything about.

I have actually attended an NKOTB concert.  In my defense, my cousin and I took her two little kids.  Still. That immediately makes it far cooler than, say, Backstreet Boys.  And blah blah blah about Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back or singing about his dick in a box [and yes, I am a fan of both], those were things he did AFTER Backstreet Boys.  While he was with them?  I believe he had dance offs with Britney Spears.  I feel dumb just having typed that.

Two Words:  Donnie Walberg.  Two more?  MARKY MARK.  Who would be nowhere without his brother hitting it big with NKOTB. Mmmm . . . Marky Mark.  What are you putting up?  Nick Lachey?  Please.

O.k., confess - who are you a fan of?


Anonymous said...

Justin Timberlake was part of Nsync....

And Backstreet Boys will hold a special place in my heart. Always. Quit Playing games with my heart came out when I was in third grade and my girlfriends and I used to sing it on the bus every day :)

Stephanie said...

Justin Timberlake was NSYNC, not Backtreet Boys! But I agree with you that in whatever hierarchy, Backstreet Boys are the bottom. Personally, my boys in a band of choice were the ones who didn't have synchronized dance moves because they were too busy playing their own instruments. Hanson: putting the band in boy band and the mmmm in my bop.

Anonymous said...

Backstreet Boys all the way for me! I still love their midtempo ballads of which they were MASTERS. As far as family goes--we were always three generations going to their concerts--my mom, my two sisters and I--now with my two daughers, my niece and various friends. Great fun and not an "explicit lyric" in sight!

Anonymous said...

Not a boy band, but as equally appalling: THE SPICE GIRLS! And yes, I did attend their reunion tour in 2008 on Long Island. It was WONDERFUL!

magnolia said...

hahaha - i have to say that i think i'm the only girl my age that didn't have a fierce, unabiding love for NKOTB. in fact, i was the founder and vice-president of the "we hate the new kids on the block club" in my elementary school. it consisted of me and every boy in my grade.

ah, those were the days... :)

Laura said...

Backstreet Boys win, hands down. I'm sorry but it's just the way it is. I'm with you on 98 Degrees though.

Anonymous said...

Say whatever you want but no one,NO ONE can ever even compare to NKOTB!!!They have always been and still ARE the BEST BOY BAND EVER!!! LONG LIVE THE BLOCK!!!

Suniverse said...

Ah, how did I mix up Backstreet Boys and 'NSync? Foolish me!

Still - no one beats NKOTB!

Anonymous said...

NKOTB all the way,baby!!!!

Anonymous said...

would boyzIImen count as a boy band?

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