Things I Refuse to Skimp On

by Suniverse

Ah, money.  We all need it, and yet we never seem to have enough of it.  I know times are hard, and I'm budgeting as furiously as the next gal, HOWEVER, there are certain things that even during the Great Recession, I refuse to skimp on.  To wit:

Ketchup.  Sure, it's only a condiment, and one that has very few ingredients without the variety of, say, mustard, but there is a marked difference between the name brand deliciousness of Heinz and the downmarket wateryness of Big Bob's Choice Brand Catsup.

Nail polish.  I love me some OPI.  Not only because their colors have fun names, their brushes are super wide and the polish goes on smoothly, but also because they are formaldehyde and other nasty chemical-free.  Sure, a 99 cent bottle of funky colored polish would be fun and more budget friendly, but I've got zero interest in starting a Superfund Site on my nail bed.

Toilet paper.  If you are anything like me, and I'm sure you are or want to be, then you pee. A lot. And when I go to the bathroom, I use toilet paper, not a fancy bidet.  And because I am using toilet paper on my nether regions, I want that stuff to be SOFT.  The softest.  Ever.  Like angel wings or baby ducks.  So I buy uber-soft, thick and plush toilet paper.  The environment and my wallet be damned, my bajingo is not going to be subjected to single-ply!

Maxi pads/Tampons. And speaking of bajingos - there is no reason whatsoever to subject yours to inferior personal products.  None.

Well, friends, what do you splurge on?


Angie. said...

Love this post! My husband comes from a family that is SO CHEAP (And when I say cheap, I don't mean thrify... I mean CHEAP). If they can find the off-brand on sale and buy it with a coupon, then they will!

I make it a rule that I will not compromise on certain things.
Sport Shoes (as an aerobics instructor, you cannot skimp here!!)
Toilet Paper (I feel much better using 4 sheets of 3-ply instead of a huge handful of 1-ply)
Nail Polish

and a few other things.
Great list.

Amy said...

Hmmm, things I definitely wouldn't skimp on would be:
- Wine: I get grumpy w/out
- Coffee: need my regular dose of Dunkin or other!
- Chocolate: I get grumpy w/out this as well

So, as long as I have these three things and maybe the occasional online clothing purchase I can save w/ the best of them. Which I desperately need to do in 2011!

Marie said...

Cheese - I love me some Tillamook

face wash - I don't have a certain brand I buy, but I rarely try the cheap ones because I always end up hating them and throwing them away

shave gel - I discovered Aveeno shave gel a few years ago and I love the stuff even if it costs $2 more than the other brands

shoes - I had a roommate several years ago with over 100 pairs of shoes, all from Payless; I had 10-15 pairs, all name brand. She threw out at least 15 pairs a year and I still have some of mine. I win.

magnolia said...

ooh, i second EVERYTHING on this list. adding on:

makeup of all kinds. i will not use the drugstore stuff anymore, especially since i still have teenage skin problems as i near 30 (with wrinkles on top of them, grr).

ankle braces. being clumsy as all holy hell, i pay special attention to this. cheap braces do nothing for you.

liquor. i am too old to drink rail - i call my brands in every bar i visit. if i can't recognize who made it, it's not going into my body.

Nikki said...

If you really want to take care of your bajingo you should take a look at getting some reusable pads, why use a chemical laden pad when you can wear a lush fleece lined, organic cotton reusable pad that's great for the environment too! (not to mention you never run out and have to run to the shops in the middle of the night AND after the initial financial outlay, you never have to pay for supplies again!)

It's like a hug for your yoni! I'm in Australia so I don't know any specific companies you could look at where you are (google it!) but check out and

Allison said...

I recommend the divacup because I don't need to ever budget for my menstrual cycle ever again. (happy sigh)

nikki said...

Moms of babies will get this one. I did not skimp on my breastpump (Got the Medela Pump in Style at a whopping $259), nor would I skimp on nursing pads.

I don't like to skimp on most electronics or kitchen gadgets either. In those departments, I like things that last.

brlracincwgrl said...

Oh my goodness, I love this!

I splurge on:

Make up
Hair Products
And I'm sure there are more!

Daughter of a King said...

I think bajingo just became my new favorite word.

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