Because I Deserve It

I love myself.  I do.  And when I have been having a tough week, I like to take care of myself.  Because if I don't, who will?  These are a few of my favorite things to do for myself.  Or have someone do for me:

A Massage.  I am in general not a fan of having strange people touch me, BUT.  I love getting a massage. I love having a nice, quiet space to just be.  I love having someone expertly press on that ridiculous knot in my back that I swear that evil work chair has given me.  I love that I don't have to do ANYTHING except turn over.  I even love the plinky relaxation music, which normally would have me punching the scan button on my radio.

Doing My Nails.  Plain nails are a sign that I've been neglecting myself.  I love vibrant nails.  There are so many options for color and even texture [matte nail polish, glitter nail polish, suede nail polish, good old glossy nail polish] that I'm almost stymied by my choices.  But every Sunday night, I sit down and watch something vapid and do my nails.  And then I'm stuck there until they dry - unable to do the dishes or pick up laundry.  Damn.  I am NOT a fan of someone else doing my nails, because I can't stand the smell of that stuff, and if I want someone to touch me for that long, I'd rather be having a massage.

Reading a Book.  I love books.  LOVE them.  And my biggest treat is getting a new book.  It doesn't have to be something erudite or educational or uplifting.  It can be trashy and silly.  But a new book always puts me in a great mood.  Plus, I don't have to worry that someone borrowed the book from the library and read it on the toilet.  Gross.

Those are the things that I do to treat myself.  What do you do?

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Tonya said... I will never rent another library book...ever....
I eat cheese when I treat myself since really (as lactose intolerant) I'm not supposed to but I LOVE pizza so I just give myself over to the pain once in awhile. Totally. Worth. It.

Suz said...

I love all of those things too. I also love my TV time and my gym time.

For your nails, try this stuff called Out the Door- its a top coat that dries your nails super duper fast!

magnolia said...

eat a mounds bar.

buy myself new lingerie. (i think it was my first job - victoria's secret - but i LOVE pretty underwear.)

seduce my boyfriend.

drink good wine.

new fashion said...

I think you've officially ruined my appetite for library books. Will be looking into getting a massage in the near future though. Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Book store employees placing books on display probably just came out of the restroom without washing their hands. Same goes for book sellers on second hand.:p

Anyway, I usually treat myself to chocolate and film score music.

Sadako said...

I feel vaguely guilty for all the library books I've taken into the bathroom with me.

But hey, I think library books are a way of boosting our immune systems or something...

singapore florist said...

love the photo :D
i really too having this list i deserve.

Love from Valentine day flowers :)

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