Winter Activities

 No, I'm not talking about skiing or skating or ice fishing [what the ?? who does that?].  I like my winter activities to take place in a comfortable climate.  This means indoors, where the temperature will not descend into the single or NEGATIVE digits.  What shall we do indoors?

Watch t.v.  There are a ton of new episodes of your favorite shows coming out this month.  Why not do yourself a favor and instead of spending time digging your car out from under a ridiculous number of inches of snow to go to a movie theater that is just chock full of annoying people breathing their disgusting germs all over you, just sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy mindless entertainment.  There is a far less risk of a heart attack watching t.v. than there is shoveling snow.  Just ask the CDC.

Read.  Nothing weighty or intelligent.  I am a firm believer that the cold winter months are depressing enough without having to wade through someone else's misery.  Leave that for the fall and spring, when it's still nice enough to go outside and enjoy life after reading about the horrors that people visit upon each other.  I'm talking about the literary equivalent of a soap opera.  It'll do you good.

Eat.  The best part of winter? SOUPS.  Yummy, yummy, delicious soups.  Soups that are thick and hearty and if you're feeling up to it, soups you can make!  It's like crafting or scrapbooking, except instead of a pile of pictures nobody wants to look at, you've got a big bowl of creamy goodness that's going to warm you inside and out.

What do you like to do in the winter? 

by Suniverse


V. Furnas said...

I love to write, mindlessly stumble through the web (endless hours lost there), and then there is my most favorite the pretend e-shopping (I load up my e-cart with all of the treasures I wish I could buy then when I am bored I close it.)I love the winter.

dee said...

Reading all snuggled up in my electric blanket with a kitty is seriously the best thing ever. I highly recommend it.

As an aside, My dad ice fishes. He has a pop up hut thing and a heater though, so maybe that makes it a little less weird?

magnolia said...

when it's as cold as it's been recently, i don't even want to get out of bed. the boyfriend and i spent much of sunday in his bedroom, under blankets. hmm. wonder if that's why a lot of people i know from up north were born in september and october?

Amy said...

Fave things to do when it's cold out:
- Watch Sex and the City reruns, or something else incredibly girlie
- Idulge in wine, nutella, and more wine
- Read, write, blog
- Make chili, lasagna, beef stew, or some other yummy comfort food delight

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