New Year, New You, Same Old Job

 There are two times of the year that I crave the new -  more than I usually do at other times of the year.  One is the New Year, because duh.  The other is when school starts in September.  I think this may be because I am a sucker for school supplies, but also because there is that possibility of becoming what you want, taking a new direction.  I'm done with school [way done], but I still get kind of daydreamy about starting a new career. Here's what I'd be if I had the option:

Architect.  I am no mathematical or spatial genius [I continue to bump into walls and doorways that have existed in their present places ALL MY LIFE], but I love the idea of creating a space.  Particularly when I am faced with the ridiculous lack of closets and odd floorplans in real life homes.

Meteorologist.  Growing up, I had no idea this was a real thing, but if only I had!  I love the weather.  Love it.  I could watch The Weather Channel for HOURS and I know which weather person on which local channel will give me the straight dope on what's coming our way.  To be part of that magic?  I want in.

Dictator.  Benevolent, to be sure, but I would be awesome with unlimited power.  Trains would run on time.  Trash would be picked up.  I'd have a palace.  Sure, there would be uprisings and intrigue and probable assassination, but I think it might be worth the trade off of having EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at my beck and call.

Thinking of a new career?  Which one?

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magnolia said...

benevolent dictator? aagh, you totally stole mine! though there are days when i wouldn't be so benevolent...

Shelley Malone said...

Doctor - yes, I'm smart enough, I just never APPLIED MYSELF.

Artist - probably good enough, I just like having an actual paycheque.

Contract killer - I bet I would totally rock this job.

Abi said...

Aside from the obvious ones like singer, artist and gazillionairess philanthropist? I fancy...

Riding School Owner - I wanted to be an instructor until I realised they're poorly paid, do hard physical work and are outside in all weathers. Being the boss sounds far more appealing ;)

Estate Agent - I'm uber nosy about other peoples' homes and love checking out property sites online. I think being an estate agent would be great, I'd get to meet loads of people and look round their houses. Fun times :)

Supreme Empress of the Milky Way - since the role of benevolent dictator has been filled, I rather fancy ruling the whole galaxy ;)

nikki said...

Great American Novelist - lack of talent and work ethic be damned!

Professional athlete (any sport) - soft body, lack of talent and lack of work ethic be damned!

My lack of talent/work ethic means I'll be mid-level cube dweller my entire life. I'm really sorta OK with that....

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Kate said...

Some days I dream of being a travel agent, teacher, shop keeper/owner or detective.

HM said...

Rock star! Alas, I cannot carry a tune in a bucket or whatever that saying is.

However, I still feel that filmmaker/actress/screenwriter is still in my future. *fingers crossed*

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